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Island Blue Presets

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Ideal for Portrait, Life Style, Home, Travel Photos

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Island Blue Presets

11 Reviews
Dive into the tranquil blue hues of coastal paradises worldwide with these island blue presets. They infuse your photos with a serene and refreshing island vibe, perfect for capturing beach getaways and tropical landscapes.

$15.00SAVE $20.00

Compatible with



Premiere Pro

After Effect

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

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How to install presets

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Install Presets On Android

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Review By Maria Goetz

I love it so much!

Maria Goetz

Verified Customer
October 21,20215 Star
Review By Joanna

Love the preset, it’s made my photos look amazing. Thank you


Verified Customer
May 06,20225 Star
Review By Gianna Carpanzano

Love these! Super easy to use!

Gianna Carpanzano

Verified Customer
May 23,20225 Star
Review By Carroll Wilkes

Great quality! I had trouble figuring out how to add them to Lightroom at first but easy enough once I figured out how

Carroll Wilkes

Verified Customer
November 21,20215 Star
Review By Lilly

Love these presets! Definitely worth the money!


Verified Customer
January 12,20225 Star
Review By Josepho

Very good! It corresponds to what has been described. Thank you


Verified Customer
January 05,20225 Star


These presets are characterized by their ability to enhance oceanic blues, tropical greens, and warm tones. You can infuse a subtle hint of blue into any image to create a moody or cheerful vibe. This makes them ideal for creating a vibrant and inviting coastal atmosphere.
Yes, the presets offer flexibility, allowing you to apply them to a range of beach photos, from bright and sunny to moody and dramatic. You can apply them to other images as well to create a serene and calm atmosphere based on your desired effect.
While they can be applied to underwater shots, the island blue Lightroom presets are primarily tailored for enhancing above-water beach scenes. For underwater photography, you can try merging these presets with other collections or manually adjusting certain settings. The presets work with blue tones, but they might not yield good results for the intricacies of underwater life.
While designed for beach scenes, the presets can certainly add a touch of the tropics to other images. You can always use the blue tones to convey melancholy or calm to your general shots. You must have noticed blue tones for certain moods in several movie frames. Experimentation is encouraged to see how the presets can transform different environments.
Yes, the island blue presets provide room for customization based on the moods or results you wish to convey. You can fine-tune settings like vibrance, saturation, and exposure to align the presets with your unique vision.
Island blue presets are especially effective for images featuring coastal scenes, tropical getaways, island adventures, and any photographs that benefit from a boost in vibrancy and warmth. You can infuse a more bright and warm mood into any general portrait or landscape shot, as well.



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