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Adventure Presets Collection

Jazz up your photos with a touch of intrigue and excitement with our adventure Lightroom presets. Your images just got more immersive with a single click.

Ideal for Portrait, Life Style, Home, Travel Photos

LUTs Work On Any LOG Format Like (S-Log, Slog2, D-Log, F-log … etc)

Compatible with IOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Presets Work On RAW and JPEG Images

No Editing Experience Necessary

One-time Purchase, Unlimited Use

Transform Your Photos in 1 Click

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What’s Cool About Adventure Presets?

Our Lightroom adventure presets are all set to add some thrills and chills to your photos. You can take your audience on an adventurous journey through the stories in your photos.

Dark Moody
Earthy Tones
Moody Fall
Analog Film
Moody Folk
Rustic Fall
Orange & Teal
Soft Green

Compatible with



Premiere Pro

After Effect

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

Sony Vegas



The Presets Are A Perfect Match For


Use these adventure presets to transform your portraits into dramatic works of art. It takes just a few clicks to add intrigue to your subjects.


Capture intriguing lifestyle shots and add a touch of drama to simple photos. Make any fashion or lifestyle shot look more exciting with presets.


Convert your nature and travel photos into thrilling escapades. The presets are sure to add some thrill to make your audience see the beauty you saw.


Ideal for landscape and home images with various subjects. Turn mountains and rivers into cinematic masterpieces with these adventure presets for Lightroom.

Presets before and after

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How to install presets

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Install Presets On Android

Picture-Perfect Testimonials

Over 35,000 Happy Customers

Review By Alberto

Looks really amazing on my photos especially on nature photos! Love them!


Verified Customer
September 05,20225 Star
Review By Rosa M.

Used on my most recent trip to New England !!! It was amazing !!!!

Rosa M.

Verified Customer
October 17,20215 Star
Review By Luca Pietrobono

I really like the film presets and I think they created that vintage feel I was going for.

Luca Pietrobono

Verified Customer
April 12,20225 Star
Review By Michele Vicchitto

Very good great colors top

Michele Vicchitto

Verified Customer
January 17,20225 Star
Review By Maria Goetz

I love it so much!

Maria Goetz

Verified Customer
October 21,20215 Star
Review By Megan Yocum

Thank you so much for the beautiful presets. It was very easy to download and they are really nice.

Megan Yocum

Verified Customer
July 02,20225 Star

Benefits of Using the Best Adventure Presets

Using the best adventure presets in photography offers numerous advantages. You can:

- Save time and effort for large batches of content
- Streamline your workflow
- Create stunning visuals with a single click
- Maintain consistency in your content

They also serve as wellsprings of creative inspiration for beginners, encouraging experimentation with diverse styles and moods. All this while streamlining your editing workflow for an efficient and polished final product.

How Can Adventure Presets Impact Photos?

Adventure presets enhance your photo’s visual appeal and storytelling potential. They can
- Adjust color tones
- Play with contrast and lighting
- Create specific moods
- Make your photos more immersive

The presets can amplify the essence of the moment, ensuring that your viewers feel the same sense of wonder and excitement you did during your adventures. They can transform ordinary photos into stunning, professionally edited masterpieces, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Add a Touch of Adventure to Your Shots

Whether you're capturing the ruggedness of a mountain, the ambiance of a beach, or the daring spirit of extreme sports, our adventure presets are your passport to captivating visuals.

Elevate your storytelling and make your audience feel the rush, thrill, and wonder of your adventures. It’s time to create visuals that inspire, excite, and leave a lasting impression.


Our presets are designed to enhance and stylize your adventure-themed photos and videos. They help achieve specific visual effects and moods, saving you time in the editing process. You can infuse a sense of daring and intrigue into your photos with our preset settings.

Yes, adventure presets can be used with smartphone photos with our mobile preset collections. It will work as long as you have compatible editing software or apps installed on your device.

Yes, the presets collection comes with a set of LUTs that can be used for videos. They work for all photos edited using Adobe Lightroom depending on the presets’ compatibility with your editing software.
Yes, the presets can be applied to various photography genres and styles. They can be used for landscapes, portraits, street photos, commercial shots, and even weddings based on your needs. You can adapt them to the mood and atmosphere you want to infuse to make your photos pop.

Adventure presets can adjust color tones, contrast, and lighting to evoke different emotions and atmospheres. They excel at making your adventure shots more captivating and immersive.

Yes, the presets are suitable for professional and commercial projects. They are good options if you are batch editing a large number of photos within a short period. They can expedite the editing process while maintaining high-quality results.



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