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Dark Tone Presets Collection

Get creative with our dark tone Lightroom presets. It’s time to play with the power of darkness and shadows to bring out the best in your clicks.

Ideal for Portrait, Life Style, Home, Travel Photos

LUTs Work On Any LOG Format Like (S-Log, Slog2, D-Log, F-log … etc)

Compatible with IOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Presets Work On RAW and JPEG Images

No Editing Experience Necessary

One-time Purchase, Unlimited Use

Transform Your Photos in 1 Click

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What’s Cool About Dark Presets?

Our dark tone presets can turn your photos into intense and elegant shots that leave the reader enthralled. Transform your images into intriguing ones with dark hues.
Dark & Orange
Dark Moody
Night Bar
Moody Blue
True Black
Rich Black
Night Street
Black Beat
Deep Black
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Compatible with



Premiere Pro

After Effect

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

Sony Vegas



The Presets Are A Perfect Match For


With just a few clicks, you can invite your audience to delve into mysterious portraits with alluring Lightroom dark tone presets.

Moto and Car

Turn any motor or car shot into elegant masterpieces. Highlight each curve of your steed and add dramatic effects to enhance subtle touches.


Even your backyard or highway shots can turn into cinematic ones with our dramatic collection of dark tone presets.


Add a sense of intrigue and depth to your lifestyle shots anytime, anywhere. Create a world of your own with shadows and deep hues - be it the nightlife or any daytime shot.

Presets before and after

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How to install presets

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Install Presets On Android

Picture-Perfect Testimonials

Over 35,000 Happy Customers

Review By Alberto

Looks really amazing on my photos especially on nature photos! Love them!


Verified Customer
September 05,20225 Star
Review By Rosa M.

Used on my most recent trip to New England !!! It was amazing !!!!

Rosa M.

Verified Customer
October 17,20215 Star
Review By Luca Pietrobono

I really like the film presets and I think they created that vintage feel I was going for.

Luca Pietrobono

Verified Customer
April 12,20225 Star
Review By Michele Vicchitto

Very good great colors top

Michele Vicchitto

Verified Customer
January 17,20225 Star
Review By Maria Goetz

I love it so much!

Maria Goetz

Verified Customer
October 21,20215 Star
Review By Megan Yocum

Thank you so much for the beautiful presets. It was very easy to download and they are really nice.

Megan Yocum

Verified Customer
July 02,20225 Star

Benefits of Using the Dark Tone Presets

These presets, designed to infuse a dark and moody atmosphere into your photos, are much more than mere stylistic choices; they are powerful tools that can elevate your photography in several ways.

 - Dramatically improve moods.
 - Improve storytelling with emotions, suspense, and mystery.
 - Save significant time in post-processing.
 - Gain insights into advanced editing techniques.

With just a few clicks, you can achieve complex tonal adjustments, intricate color grading, and detailed enhancements. This efficiency is a game-changer for professional photographers, making them indispensable.

How Can Dark Presets Impact Photos?

Dark presets can infuse images with mood, depth, and emotion. These presets create rich contrasts, intensify shadows, and enhance textures, giving images a dramatic and cinematic quality.

They evoke a sense of mystery, making them ideal for storytelling or adding artistic flair. You can transform mundane scenes into captivating, moody compositions, lending a unique atmosphere to photos. This makes them stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Add a Touch of Darkness to Your Shots

Adding a touch of darkness to your shots can transform mundane photographs into captivating works of art. Embracing shadows and contrast not only enhances the mood but also adds depth and intrigue to your images.

Play with low-light conditions and silhouettes to create compelling narratives and evoke powerful emotions. Don't shy away from shadows; instead, embrace the power of dark tone presets to craft visually stunning photographs.


Dark tone presets are editing adjustments designed to enhance the mood of your photos by emphasizing darker tones. They work by applying specific adjustments to your image in one click.
Yes, the presets can be used for various photography genres, including landscapes, portraits, and urban photography. They are ideal if you wish to create a specific atmosphere or mood.
While dark tone Lightroom presets are commonly used for moody or dramatic effects, they can also add depth and character to other types of images, depending on your creative vision.
You can adjust the intensity of dark presets and fine-tune other editing parameters. This includes the exposure, contrast, and color balance to align the preset with your unique style.
Yes, many dark presets are compatible with mobile editing apps like Adobe Lightroom Mobile. This makes it convenient to achieve your desired look on the go.
The presets can enhance contrast, deepen shadows, and add a vintage or film-like appearance. They can also be used to give photos a moody or cinematic atmosphere. Experimenting with different presets can help you achieve the specific look you desire for your images.



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