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Wedding Presets Collection

Our unique collection of wedding presets can create stunning edits for your wedding photos. Create a consistent vibe across hundreds of images in your wedding album with these beauties!

Ideal for Portrait, Life Style, Home, Travel Photos

LUTs Work On Any LOG Format Like (S-Log, Slog2, D-Log, F-log … etc)

Compatible with IOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Presets Work On RAW and JPEG Images

No Editing Experience Necessary

One-time Purchase, Unlimited Use

Transform Your Photos in 1 Click

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What’s Cool About Wedding Presets?

These presets have been designed to add intriguing highlights, exposure, and colors to your images. You are all set to preserve the beauty of the special day with these wedding presets.

Rustic Fall

Compatible with



Premiere Pro

After Effect

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

Sony Vegas



The Presets Are A Perfect Match For


Create a romantic vibe for your portraits and couple photos. Create bohemian tones for any portraits you capture on the wedding day.


Adding a nostalgic vibe is always a win for wedding photos. Use these wedding presets for Lightroom to make the memories of the special day resonate with your viewers.


Convert any ordinary lifestyle shot into a memory to be cherished with these presets. You can infuse drama and romance into any lifestyle shot, even beyond weddings.

Outdoor & Travel

Let the world see the beauty and soft tones of the great outdoors with your photo editing skills. These Lightroom wedding presets can bring out even the most subtle details in your clicks.

Presets before and after

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How to install presets

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Install Presets On Android

Picture-Perfect Testimonials

Over 35,000 Happy Customers

Review By Alberto

Looks really amazing on my photos especially on nature photos! Love them!


Verified Customer
September 05,20225 Star
Review By Rosa M.

Used on my most recent trip to New England !!! It was amazing !!!!

Rosa M.

Verified Customer
October 17,20215 Star
Review By Luca Pietrobono

I really like the film presets and I think they created that vintage feel I was going for.

Luca Pietrobono

Verified Customer
April 12,20225 Star
Review By Michele Vicchitto

Very good great colors top

Michele Vicchitto

Verified Customer
January 17,20225 Star
Review By Maria Goetz

I love it so much!

Maria Goetz

Verified Customer
October 21,20215 Star
Review By Megan Yocum

Thank you so much for the beautiful presets. It was very easy to download and they are really nice.

Megan Yocum

Verified Customer
July 02,20225 Star

Benefits of Using the Best Wedding Presets

Using the best wedding presets offers several advantages for photographers:

  -  Time efficiency to streamline the post-processing workflow
  -  Consistent aesthetic and style across hundreds of photos
  -  Enhancing the visual appeal of portfolios or albums
  -  Creative freedom through customization
  -  Professional finish even for non-professional photographers

You can use these presets for a polished and professional look that impresses couples and clients. You can foster client satisfaction, potentially leading to more referrals and future business.

How Can Wedding Presets Impact Photos?

Wedding presets can enhance your photo’s visual appeal and storytelling. They bring consistency to the collection, making all images share a unified, professional look.

By infusing a professional finish and emphasizing the love and joy captured on that special day, wedding presets contribute to the overall success of wedding photography endeavors.

Add a Touch of Romance to Your Shots

Everyone loves a hint of romance in the photos they see! These presets infuse a soft, dreamy quality into your images, emphasizing the love and connection between couples and subjects.

Whether it's enhancing the warm, golden hues of sunset portraits or giving indoor shots a cozy, intimate ambiance, wedding presets bring out the romantic essence in every frame.


Popular styles include vintage, cinematic, and bohemian presets. You can choose an apt collection based on your desired aesthetic and the couple’s preferences.
Yes, applying the same preset to all photos ensures a cohesive and consistent aesthetic across the entire album. You can achieve the same look even by merging multiple presets or collections.
The presets can enhance various aspects, including color balance, contrast, exposure, and mood. These effects are made accordingly to create visually appealing images.
Yes, you can focus on both the overall image enhancements and also address specific imperfections. For example, you can use the presets to achieve natural and flattering skin tones by adjusting color balance and contrast. This will make everyone in the photos look their best.
Yes, wedding presets can work for both outdoor and indoor shots. But keep in mind that you might have to choose different presets or make adjustments based on the lighting conditions.

Yes, the presets often add a specific style or mood, such as romantic, vintage, or cinematic. You can choose different options such as Bohemian preset collections or Creamy presets based on your requirements. The choice ultimately comes down to the couple’s preferences and the desired atmosphere.



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