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Sunset Presets

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  • 10 Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG files)
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  • 10 Old Lightroom (LRTEMPLATE files)
  • 10 LUT For Video (Cube)
  • PDF Guide With Video Instructions
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Compatible with Lightroom 4,5,6, and CC versions.
Accessible on Mac and Windows with 4GB RAM and 2GB storage free.

Ideal for Portrait, Life Style, Home, Travel Photos

LUTs Work On Any LOG Format Like (S-Log, Slog2, D-Log, F-log … etc)

Compatible with IOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Presets Work On RAW and JPEG Images

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Sunset Presets

6 Reviews
Turn any of your clicks into ethereal masterpieces with the power of our sunset presets for Lightroom. Draw the audience’s attention to golden hues and the intricate beauty of nature. Play with sunrise and sunset tones to capture the beautiful shades of nature around you.

$15.00SAVE $20.00

Compatible with



Premiere Pro

After Effect

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

Sony Vegas



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How to install presets

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Use Presets in Photoshop Camera Raw

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Lightroom Presets in Desktop

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On iPhone

How to Install Presets On Android

How to Install Presets On Android

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Review By Melissa Pena

Great quality! Definitely will recommend!

Melissa Pena

Verified Customer
March 05,20225 Star
Review By Bridgette

Have bought three sets of presets from this seller and I love them.


Verified Customer
May 10,20225 Star
Review By Peter peng

I really like this preset, it's very special. but it's not one click for all, you have to do some adjustments by yourself.

Peter peng

Verified Customer
March 27,20225 Star
Review By Vito Montedoro

beautiful preset I love it, very useful! I always use it in Instagram.

Vito Montedoro

Verified Customer
March 27,20225 Star
Review By Andrew and Thirsa

My wife loves it ! Finally a preset she approves of comes with 10 preset options which is nice for different settings such as indoor and outdoor and they all bring out the detail in photos.

Andrew and Thirsa

Verified Customer
June 16,20225 Star
Review By Jonynguyn

All I'm going to say is GET IT! YOU NEED IT! I LOVE IT!


Verified Customer
July 13,20225 Star


Yes, the presets can often be applied to sunrise photos to achieve a warm and inviting morning atmosphere. They can enhance your photographs by adjusting colors, exposure, and mood, making them more vivid and appealing.
Yes, you can use the sunset presets to enhance a wide range of formats and styles. This includes landscapes, portraits, and travel shots. You can use the presets to bring out the natural hues of the scenery around you and add an ethereal touch to them.
You can adjust settings like exposure, temperature, and saturation to fine-tune the presets for different lighting conditions during sunset. Sunset presets can further be customized by modifying settings like hue and saturation to match color themes and achieve unique sunset effects.
You can use the presets to adjust exposure and contrast to highlight specific elements like silhouettes or reflections. This is especially useful if you are shooting a portrait or any other shot with a subject in the frame. It will help you make them stand out in the photo apart from the sunset.
Yes, sunset presets can be creatively applied to different forms of photography to add a warm and inviting background. This will enhance the product’s appeal. You can even use them to enhance architectural and real estate photography. This is done by adding a warm and inviting sunset glow to interiors to make spaces more appealing.
Sunset presets can’t remove distractions, but they can emphasize the sunset’s beauty, drawing the viewer’s attention away from distractions. For example, emphasize cloud textures and patterns to pull the viewer’s attention away from distractions on the ground. You can adjust settings like clarity and dehaze to bring out intricate details during sunset.



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